How to promote an Instagram account

How to promote an Instagram account

How to promote an Instagram account

Do you want to promote your blog without attachments? You have to work hard and spend time, but it’s real. This is what experts say, who share advice, reveal secrets and point out the nuances of promoting on Instagram on their own without a budget.

Make a clear offer

The main thing, the “foundation” is to reveal the essence of the proposal. You have to convey what is the use of the blog, what is its topic, who you are. So that a person, getting to your page, immediately understands whether the blog can be interesting and useful to him. Do you know how they write: “mommy of four happy children, I will teach you how to live in highs” — and the whole account in photos from the beaches and home comfort? And it is immediately clear what to expect. You can do whatever you want — it is important that you immediately understand what.

Photos and videos of good quality, reviews, cases, information about you, your brand or company, highlights and corporate identity will help you to promote Instagram. It is from these foundations that I advise my students to start their advancement.

Attract audiences from other social networks

Find people through other social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter — you can also use contacts and mail. Make a newsletter and posts with a short self-presentation and information that you have an Instagram account.

Make engaging content

Your content should be of interest to your target audience. What can it be? There are four types: informative, entertaining, selling, personal. The main thing is that it should hook and motivate people to like, write comments and share your posts with other users.

Move wisely

Make joint live broadcasts, stories, posts, but most importantly — not with competitors. Thanks to this method, I gained the first 35 thousand subscribers in 2016. Look for people who have about the same number of subscribers as you do and negotiate.

You can promote Instagram yourself for free by subscribing to the person you are interested in and to all the recommended ones. Next time Instagram will show people similar to your favorite bloggers. For example, my students using this method increased their reach three to four times in just 21 days.

Use hashtags

Make a list of hashtags that are close to your topic, and start «bombing». You need to subscribe and like people with such hashtags. The main thing is to put them strictly on the topic, and not the most popular ones.

Conduct dialogues

To promote Instagram, you need to find bloggers from your area who have few subscribers. Leave some comments below posts or ask questions. Grab the attention of a potential audience and, possibly, start a discussion in direct — it will be easier to agree on mutual PR.


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